The Regeneration Radio Show, as heard on WSB 95.5 FM.

Dr. Ambrozic has his own radio show, “The Regeneration Radio Show,” on WSB 95.5 FM. On his radio show, Dr. Ambrozic shares valuable information regarding regenerative therapies and how regenerative medicine encompasses many procedures and methods, and he further discusses how there has been incredible advancements in stem cell research. Dr. Ambrozic believes that stem cells are the future of medicine and says that this opportunity that patients have right now, to regain health from a natural solution as powerful as stem cells, is exactly why he went into medicine.  Dr. Ambrozic is passionate about you living your best life and using stem cells to help your body heal from within. 

When you contact us for a free consultation with SSCI, we will: 

  • Set aside dedicated time with one of our world-class, professionally trained stem cell specialists so that you can ask any questions. 
  • Give you a very in-depth overview on how stem cell therapy works.
  • Examine your past medical history and conduct a thorough case review to determine if you may be a candidate for stem cell therapy.

Again, our consultations are completely free/at no cost to you. And we have the availability for either in person or over the phone consultations.