What has your pain cost you?

Our Stem Cell Specialists believe that stem cells are the future of medicine and that they offer patients the opportunity to regain health from a powerful, natural solution with minimal to no side effects.

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Patient Testimonials

What patients say about Southern Stem Cell Institute

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Back & Neck Pain Testimonial
Benjamin Parker
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Back Pain Testimonial
Murray Kurtzburg - Cane Free and Jumping Again. 76 Years Old Feeling Like He's 50. 
Murray Kurtzberg
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Lupus Patient
Belinda Skelton Testimonial Southern Stem Cell Institute
Belinda Skelton
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Neuropathy Patient
Richard Mason
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Toe Pain Testimonial
Southern Stem Cell Institute
Becky Boyd
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Torn ACL Patient
Alessandra Carter

When you contact us for a consultation with SSCI, we will: 

  • Set aside dedicated time with one of our world-class, professionally trained stem cell specialists so that you can ask any questions. 
  • Give you a very in-depth overview on how stem cell therapy works.
  • Examine your past medical history and conduct a thorough case review to determine if you may be a candidate for stem cell therapy.

Again, our consultations are completely free/at no cost to you. And we have the availability for either in person or over the phone consultations.